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Tamar Genossar

Helping you live a life of choice


My Approach

It's your journey

As your coach I consider myself as your facilitator and you as the driver, as you know what you need even if sometimes this knowledge seems difficult to access. We only go where you want to go and feel ready to go, at a pace that works and feels right for you.

No judgement

We are creatures of habit and often resist change. We have a constant need for certainty and consistency. Once we have found a style that “works for us” we will generally stick to it, even if it becomes seriously damaging to our quality of life. But sometimes changes are inevitable. Life happens and requires us to change course and if we don’t, we stay stuck in our old ways and get stopped in our tracks. We have beliefs about ourselves and the world. Beliefs about what we may be capable of achieving, what we may be allowed to own and what we may be allowed to receive. Those beliefs are often hidden beneath the surface, but they are shaping the way we feel and act, and possibly no longer serve us well.

Accessing resources

We all have the resources we need to change and adapt and to make the best out of our lives within us. While sometimes it feels as if we do not have a choice, it is mostly due to those beliefs and adopted patterns that are influencing our thoughts and behaviours. Our beliefs and patterns can be changed and we have choices. The challenge is when those resources are in our blind spot and we have difficulty accessing them.

Uncovering blocks

In our sessions, we will explore what is in the way of you achieving what you want and enhance awareness so that you will come up with solutions that are already within you that work for you. Our work together will help you uncover those limiting beliefs and allow you to examine them carefully. If it feels right to let them go and make new choices and construct new beliefs, then that can reframe the way you are dealing with your unique situation, and may lead to a better outcome.

Mind-body connection

The sessions are tailored to your needs and will combine modalities from Life Coaching, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT- also known as tapping) and Neuro linguistics programming processes (NLP). I use these practices in order to address full mind-body connection. I especially love EFT, as it is an integrated mind-body technique that is powerful and effective. It is also non-invasive and often works where nothing else will.

The Sessions

All sessions are conducted online via Zoom and I love working with clients from all over the world.

If you are ready, book your exploratory session now to see if I’m the right coach for you!

Complementary Exploratory session

Prior to embarking onto working together we will meet for a complimentary 30 minutes exploratory session to provide both of us with the opportunity to meet and decide if we feel comfortable working with each other.

Women exploring in the snow to describe an exploratory session

Private 1-1 sessions

The private 1-1 sessions are 60 min long where I will partner with you in a non-judgmental space in which you can feel safe to share and explore your intimate self. The focus and attention in this space is YOU!

Online coaching session

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique

Also known as tapping, EFT is a form of Energy Psychology, based on a combination of ancient Chinese medicine and Western psychotherapy. It is a simple tool that brings relaxation and relief around emotional issues that keep you stuck and hold you back. It is often referred to as 'emotional acupuncture without needles'. By gently tapping on acupuncture points while being aware of thoughts and feelings, this ground-breaking approach offers a simple, powerful and effective method for changing feelings and thoughts and relieving physical and emotional pain. It releases trapped energy in the body allowing it to naturally heal and it often works where nothing else will. The technique also provides a tool for clients to use on their own and can achieve spectacular results relatively painlessly as can work content free.

Side of hand tapping point

Life Coaching

Life coaching is an extremely empowering tool. Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. It is the process of finding out where clients are in their lives in the current moment, where they want to be, and then helping them create a plan to get there.

By clearly identifying how you feel about definitive areas of your life, discovering your authentic values and creating a plan for empowering change, Life Coaching is a crucial tool in ensuring that changes are not just theoretical, but have a clear actionable plan in the client’s daily life.

Goals calendar

NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming

As individuals, each one of us has established our own unique mental map of the world by filtering and processing the millions of bits of data being absorbed through our senses. This data is comprised of internal images, sounds, tactile awareness, internal sensations, tastes and smells.  We then assign meaning to this information and produce our own unique behavioural response to the world.

NLP is the science of noticing, understanding and developing awareness around how we organise our thinking, feeling, language and behaviour that creates our experience of the world and produces our current results, and how this can be changed. Through identifying the current patterns and map and the skillful use of language the patterns or programmes that control our feelings and behaviours can be changed to enhance our performance and create lasting positive change.

Neurons that are the basis for NLP

The Modalities

Tamar is very skilled in EFT and coaching. She has a calming presence and led me through several very deep sessions that resulted in lots of unblocking of energy and raising of my vibration. I could clearly feel these things physically as well as emotionally and I was really able to get to the bottom of things.

T. in the USA

Tamar is a skilled and patient coach, with an ability to get to the issue in a gentle way that has a lasting impact. Using EFT on a feeling of 'stuckness' I was able to release that emotion that came with frustration and also create a new framework from which to approach a boundary situation, that has had a lasting impact and has improved my quality of life. 

S. in the UK

What I found helpful is looking into what is stopping me in life, and moving through it. I loved learning about a new modality, and experiencing its effects.

I think you are a wonderful practitioner, very present and kind. I will definitely refer people who would like to experience the tapping method to you.

O. in the USA

What clients say about working with me

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