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Tamar Genossar

Helping you live a life of choice

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Hi, I'm Tamar

I am a certified coach helping individuals like you explore new ways of thinking, and tap into a life of choice.

My coaching certificate is from Therapeutic Coaching with the Optimum Health Clinic in the UK. I am also an EFT International accredited Emotional Freedom Technique tapping practitioner and a certified International Coaching Federation coach.

I hold degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering and have worked in the high-tech industry for many years as a software engineer and project manager. I struggled in this environment that demanded me to work endless hours as I always wanted to also have time for my other passions – traveling and music. It was no wonder that I got burnt out and when I realized I was suffering from chronic fatigue I needed to make a courageous choice and decided to take care of myself and make major lifestyle changes.

Those lifestyle changes and embarking on my growth journey, made me realize I had choices. It involved a lot of learning, gathering the courage to put up boundaries and be comfortable with accepting what I cannot control. It also helped me understand that the competencies I acquired over my years in the high-tech industry are not lost and could be transferable to other areas.

This life changing journey of personal discovery and growth awakened a deep desire within me to be of service to others on their journey of transformation and I am passionate about helping others become aware of new possibilities and choices in their lives and to achieve their goals.

I love to learn and I continue to upgrade my skills and knowledge by reading books and attending summits, mentoring sessions and advanced training opportunities. 

Change and growth is a journey and I am excited to discover what I will find next in my own journey. While supporting you as you navigate through your path of self-discovery, I will empower you to make choices that will aid you in achieving the life you want to live. 

I am based in North Vancouver BC Canada and am working internationally. 

I love working with people who are ready for change.

Ready to make a change and live a life of choice ? Let's chat.

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