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Tamar Genossar

Helping you live a life of choice

A picture of a women walking in a maze, making choices. Image by Ashley Batz

We can let life happen to us, or

Live life with purpose and choice

My Mission is to help you live yours with choice
as I believe you deserve to live with a sense of Empowerment, Freedom, Resiliency & Authenticity. 

Coaching for generating lasting new habits and mental fitness so that you can maximize your potential, achieve results and live a life of your choice

A picture that focuses on the horizon. The focus in the sessions is on you.

The Experience

Private 1-1 online 60 min sessions over zoom where I will partner with you in a non-judgmental space in which you can feel safe to share and explore your intimate self. The focus and attention in this space is YOU!

A picture of an edge. My edge as a coach is having multiple accreditations.

The Edge

Having multiple accreditations as a Therapeutic Coach, EFT tapping practitioner and International Coaching Federation coach, allows for working with a variety of modalities that can be tailored to your needs.

A picture of a diver. We explore as deep as you feel comfortable to find root cases.

The Approach

Exploring as deep as you feel comfortable to find the root causes of what is in the way of you living a life of choice and generate lasting new habits that will help you get unstuck.

Working with me

A picture of mountain, lake and binocular to symbolize curiousity.

Maybe none of the above apply and you have a goal or challenge that is as unique as you are?

Whatever it is, your current situation is not set in stone 

If you are ready to live a life of choice let's chat.

Click the link to schedule your complimentary 30 minutes exploratory session now.

Unwanted Patterns

  • Unhappy with some habits, behaviours or responses that you are having a difficulty letting go of?

  • Is your inner critic very busy?

  • Struggling with putting up boundaries?

Performance Blocks

  • What do you really want? 

  • Feeling unfulfilled? 

  • Are you stuck?

  • Not sure how to achieve a goal or start making the changes you desire?

  • Feel like something is missing?

  • Need a different perspective?

Ongoing Symptoms

  • Feeling anxious or stressed?

  • Overwhelmed?

  • Having medically unexplained physical discomfort or pain?

  • Carrying a nagging Phobia?

  • Would you like to release some emotional pain?

If you are a Stress-Stricken Professional serious about your well-being and ready for change, I am committed to helping you spend more time fulfilled and happy than worried and stressed.

Using holistic and integrative approaches to change and healing, let me help you explore your patterns and beliefs, make choices and tap into your emotional freedom to get relief from:

Tamar helped me overcome my fear of snakes in two tapping sessions so gently and supportively that I didn’t even have to say the “s” word until I was ready.  With Tamar’s coaching I gained a deeper understanding, surprising and unexpected, of what my phobia was all about.   I was able to let go of my debilitating fear.  No more shaking and heart pounding when I see a photo of a snake or running terrified if I actually encounter one. I can stay calm and walk away.  I could even write the “s” word here without being triggered and feeling anxious.  Thank you, Tamar.

L. in the USA

Tamar holds a fantastically safe space to explore. The issues I brought to the sessions were based around difficulties in my relationship with my Mum and Tamar gently and authentically helped me work through them, whilst compassionately helping me to question how I was viewing my circumstances and find new ways of seeing. This ultimately allowed me to begin to shift how I was feeling and heal on a deeper level than I'd been able to on my own.

R. in the UK

Tamar helped me to release some stress that I had been holding onto for some time. Our first conversation, she really listened to exactly what I wanted help with, and was very patient and understanding in her approach. It was such a relaxed and comfortable environment that throughout our sessions, I didn’t even realize that I was accomplishing the goal that we had set. Tamar is attentive, compassionate, and understanding. She is an amazing coach who is passionate about her craft and is there for you every step of the way, offering encouragement and acknowledgement. I can tell you if you want to find the best you, and need help with making good choices, give her a chance!

G. in the USA

What clients say about working with me

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